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Help Businesses, Organizations and Entrepreneurs make the Digital Transformation.

Are you looking for a digital solution to solve your business challenges? Do you want to identify the areas within your business or organization which could be digitally transformed for growth or improved efficiency? Are you an entrepreneur with an innovative & disruptive idea and you are seeking an expert advice in the technology front? Then let's talk! We are your reliable "Go-To" Tech Buddies.

Do you need a customized software solution developed? We are best known for maintaining industry coding standards and quality, writing optimized code, following best practices, meeting the timelines, and employing efficient development process under the guidance of certified project managers.

Do you want to focus on your core-business effectively? Then leave the updates, upgrades and fixes to the current digital applications deployed in your organization to us. Whether it is on-demand timely support or dedicated support, we are game!


Areas Of Expertise

Our Versatility with regards to ever-evolving technology makes us stay updated.

Responsive Websites

Web Apps

Mobile Native Apps

Mobile Hybrid Apps

Cloud-based Apps

Internet Of Things

AI Chatbot

Augmented Reality

Work Emails Setup

Domain & Hosting

Why Choose Us

We believe in prospering through Quality and Value Addition.


Our clients often express their immense satisfaction with the high quality of our work and services. Meeting and exceeding client expectactions is of utmost important to us in building and reinforcing our brand.


Being reliable and trustworthy is the key to our successful long-term business relationships with our clients. Our objective is to ensure that our clients experince the best when they work with us.


We have a proven track record of demonstrating efficiency in our processes, methods and work. Efficient processes result in increased productivity leading to overall business growth.

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Latest News

10-16 Dec 2018

Sreeal Co-Founders Sneha Raj and Sahitya Raj are now UNCTAD Empretec Graduates

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16 Sep 2018

Sreeal Co-founders were invited as Jury members to a Hackathon at GNITS Hyderabad

Sreeal Co-founders, Sneha Raj and Sahitya Raj were the Jury members at a 24-Hour Hackathon on emerging Digital Technologies such as IoT, AI and ML organized by SmartBridge at an engineering college for women in Hyderabad - G Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science.

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