Enablers of Digital Transformation. Empowerment.

The way we think and the way we mix Innovation & Quality in our products & services, our Versatility with regards to ever-evolving technology makes us special. We believe in prospering through Quality and Value Addition. And, you always prosper when you work with Sreeal!

Who We Are

Sreeal Technologies Private Limited, founded in May 2015, is a Digital Technology company. We are the enablers of Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation is not an option anymore, it is the necessity. All the industries now believe that Digital Transformation is the way forward and, it is important for their future success. Many businesses are now opting for Digital Transformation to gain competitive edge over their counterparts.

Recognizing the potential of Digital Transformation, we have embraced the responsibility to bring it in, in as many businesses as possible, at our best capacity. We take pride in helping these businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs make the Digital Transformation. We redefine the way they do their business. We turn their vision into reality. We do this with our Consulting, Services and Solutions by leveraging our expertise in Digital Technologies which currently include Web, Mobile, Cloud, AI and IoT.

Sreeal makes its clients Digitally Empowered and Digital leaders in their respective industry with its services, knowledge and information. What sets us apart is the Team Sreeal - the way we think and the way we mix Innovation & Quality in our products and services, and our Versatility with regards to ever-evolving technology. We believe in prospering through Quality and Value Addition. Most importantly, you always prosper when you work with Sreeal!


  • A Sneha Raj

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Sneha Raj is a self-motivated, passionate, multifaceted personality and able leader with passion for technology and entrepreneurship, exposed to diverse industries including IT, Electronics, Semiconductor and Solar.

    In the year of 2008, she completed her Bachelor's in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from CBIT, Hyderabad. In December 2009, she graduated with a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University (USA). Her curiosity to know how things are made so tiny led her to specialize in Nanoelectronics. Post her graduation, she worked with a research group SiSoC (Silicon Solar Consortium) in North Carolina and her work resulted in a technical publication in a reputed journal. Later, she worked with a startup (Bandgap Engineering) in Boston with a team of scientists from MIT, Stanford and Harvard. The team worked towards increasing the efficiency of Solar Cell using Nanotechnology. Her work earned appreciations from the Board and Executive team.

    Eventually, she got an offer from CREE which is the world's first and famous LED manufacturing company. Since the day one of her Master's, this had been her dream job in her dream company. However, she made the decision to return to India instead.

    After Sneha returned to India in 2011, she joined Synopsys, a leading American EDA company, in Hyderabad. As the Product Engineer, she led development teams and worked with customers from Semiconductor and Electronics Industry around the globe across multiple time zones.

    After three years, she emerged out of her comfort zone once again to pursue her passions. She earned an Internationally recognized professional designation, Project Management Professional, offered by Project Management Institute (PMI) based in the USA. Following the signs shown by the Universe and combining her passions, technology and entrepreneurship, led to the establishment of Sreeal Technologies Pvt Ltd in 2015 along with her sister and Co-Founder, Sahitya Raj.

    Sneha is an inherent visionary and strategist. Her untiring energy and relentless efforts drive Sreeal persistently in the path to prosperity and engage the team in high spirits. Her strong analytical abilities, impressive interpersonal skills, incomparable fighting spirit, leadership qualities with collaborative mindset get the work done. She has great power to envisage which always keeps Sreeal ahead in the race.

    All said, so far have gathered invaluable accolades to Sreeal and is building its empire.

  • A Sahitya Raj

    Co-Founder, CTO(Chief Technology Officer) & CHO(Chief Happiness Officer)

    "Commendable innate creativity combined with the multidisciplinary approach" is what aptly defines Sahitya Raj. She graduated in the year 2011 with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science. She was recognized by the college for her strong leadership qualities and organizing skills.

    Based on her excellent performance, Sahitya got placed in an esteemed Indian multinational IT Company, Tata Consultancy Services in 2010 before even graduating. She worked with TCS for exactly two years i.e., 2011-2013 and admires Tata group of Institutions for all their ethics and core values. During the tenure at TCS, her performance was extraordinary that she was selected to be a member of core technical team at client offshore level and was awarded multiple awards and appreciations for her outstanding contribution to the Organization.

    Sahitya was very happy with the way life and career were progressing, but as decided earlier she took the step towards pursuing her childhood desire to serve the nation and people by being a bureaucrat. However, she didn't make it in 2years, i.e., the time frame which she allotted in her life for Civil Services preparation. But, the outcome of her preparation was incredible in terms of the knowledge she gained in different disciplines and the self-transformation she has undergone which she actually cherishes forever.

    Sahitya then joined her sister Sneha Raj in founding Sreeal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in 2015. Realizing the multiple ways one can play a role in Nation-building in the current era, she enjoys the freedom and opportunities as an entrepreneur to serve the Nation and its people. Her immense knowledge and passion for various technologies and programming made her take up the role in Sreeal as Chief Technology Officer. And also because of the values imparted throughout, she realized the importance of a smile in one's life, which led her to take up an additional role in Sreeal as Chief Happiness Officer.

    Sahitya tags herself personally as self-motivated great orator, content writer, fitness enthusiast and influencer. She depicted her oration skills on various occasions on different stages which got great response and appreciation. The most recent, worth mentioning was on Women’s Day, i.e. March 8th, 2018, when Sreeal Founders were invited to speak at the inaugural of WE-Hub by Telangana Govt. She received immense appreciation for her public speaking skills, by Mr. K. T. Rama Rao, Cabinet Minister and was also telecasted live on various media.

    Sahitya was recently nominated by U.S. Embassy India for The Fortune-U.S. Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership Programme that connects talented, emerging women leaders from all over the world with members of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Leaders for a four-week-long program.

    One of the many achievements in the recent times, she feels privileged about, is being invited by her own college to be a Member of Board of Studies in the Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) Department which consists of College Director, Head of the Department and Subject matter Experts from various other reputed institutions.

    To conclude, with the thirst to address the severe societal problems using technology, to make and feel the difference personally, she works for the success of Sreeal.